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Production Journal

17th June 2010,
Now i am the final year of Media, starting A2 so we can get a head start in the coursework, planning and research. Looking back to AS, it was only a short times ago as the exam was last week, tho it seems longer. I realise that i have learnt an extrodinary amount since being in Media A-Level, i learnt quite a bit in GCSE Media and was very proud of my overall grade, yet there's still much more to learn and many things to produce.

28th September 2010,
Today in lesson, we choose our groups for the making of a music video, then we got a hand out listing all the songs allowed... once we choose our song, we had to write our music brief and start researching similar artists. The reason i chosen Thief, originally sung by Our Lady Peace is because i like indie rock sounds and i think i would do better in makign the music video to it as got some idea's already.

12th October 2010,
wow, really need to keep up with journal ! well so far i have chosen my song 'Thief' originally sung by Our Lady Peace and have made my character up...who is American.

19th October 2010,
Today in lesson, i was trying to read between the lines of the lyrics and i gathered the song is about a girl who he wants to be there for her and be some 'courage' but it also comes across as if he is a little down, upset and lonely; after i discovered this i was think about what the locations in my music video could be and thought that i could have a beach scene and a crouded scene (the song split between both).

9th November 2010,
Today in lesson we were discussing pitches, what they should include and look like, and that it is best to be done in a powerpoint; after i knew what information had to be on it, i sat down and wrote out each thing and how it is in my music video idea, For example; with the spliting of the lyrics, on my powerpoint i showed this by putting each half of the words in a different colour, then i discussed why i had done so.

11th November 2010,
This lesson was based on Digi packs; and that we had to design our own on paper including all the codes and conventions or digi packs and also colour, then lesson week we had to redo make it on Adobe Photoshop.

18th November 2010,
Now its time to design my digi pack on Adobe Photoshop! ... today went well i thought, i managed to design half of the digi pack, however i cannot finish the other half untill i hae filmed to get still images to go on, so may just have to put a temporary picture there then replace once i have the originals (this means i will have to make a note of it, otherwise knowing me ill forget)

Week of 22nd November 2010,
This week i was looking and music video's that has a beach scene in, to help me decide what shots i could use and why/ what they could represent, then i came along Beyonce Broken Hearted Girl which is all based on a beach, so i got still from it and next to each still i have wrote why i like this shot and how i could use it in my music video.

** Finally uploaded mood board of which iv been meaning to do for weeks, before the pitch was even thought off ! **

week of 29th November to December 6th 2010,
Urghhhhhhhhh IT SNOWED !! which i was definatly not impressed with as it had messed up with everything with filming, this project should of been due in next week but now, as long as we film, we are allowed to edit in our own time after christmas, which i suppose is a good thing (however i may not be in school: have reasons) but i have the trouble of finding an actor now... the guy i originally picked i did say ages ago about learning the song however i dnt think he did so which has really stuffed me up and iv now decided to find someone else who would be prepared to be in my music video, and is willing to learn the song travel to the beach etc even if this means i have to change the 'orginal appearence' i wanted.
Also i was thinking about the 'Crouded scenes' i wanted and realised its more difficult than what i thought, for the reasons of One, getting the permission and not getting stopped by the police and Two, each shot i attempt to take will have different poeple walking past which may be noticeable in my music video and could mess it all up... so at the moment im in two minds of changinf those scene's, i got told about the music video 'Flood by Charyl cole, which is based on a beach and i loved the idea of the women in the bed looking graceful, the crashing of waves in a shot on their own, loved the window scene (however very much doubt i will be able to find a place like that) and the scenes that have a warm feeling to them... hmmmm

Thursday 14th December:
Beacuse of all the problem that have occured and im unable to find a someone to be in my music video (as my character is specific and the key thing in my music video) i have been advised to join another group and catch up with all the work, so i have decided to join Lawrence salisbury and Hayleigh Laurence's group, of whome are preducing a music video for the song Material girl.

1st January :
Now's where im finding it most difficult due to the fact im not in school as much (reasons being iv had to go part time as am in the last stages of my pregnancy, with 5 weeks left, i am not in school all the time as agreed with my head of year because i am finding it hard to cope with everything at the same time) i know this should nfact benefit me as i am now having more time to study and work however its hard trying to stay in contact with the team i have had to join. Im also finding it hard to to update my blog with new research relating to the 'material girl' idea (the idea isnt fully clear to me yet but am getting there).